Refurbished Explained

Do you always buy the latest smartphone model? Or are you thinking about opting for a refurb smartphone? Many people think that a second-hand model is less good than a completely new device, but with proper care and control this is certainly not true.

What is refurbished?

More and more people are opting for refurbished devices. Refurbished literally means ‘overhauled’; a refurbished smartphone is a used smartphone that has been technically checked and graded before going on sale again.
The biggest advantage here is that a telephone is made ‘as new’ again in this way and that you hardly see or notice any difference between a completely new telephone and a refurbished telephone.
That may seem like a normal second-hand phone, but it isn’t. When you buy a phone from someone through, you never know whether the device is working properly. With a refurbished smartphone via a webshop or a physical store, you do get that guarantee.


A refurb device is always a lot cheaper! How much money you can save on this depends on the model and condition of the device. For example, the better an iPhone or Samsung looks, the more money you can get for it. A refurbished iPhone 8 in almost new condition is therefore often slightly more expensive than a copy that already looks more used. Of course, such a phone is always cheaper than a new iPhone in the store. 
Did you know that the price difference can amount to several hundred euros? And that while a refurbished phone often really looks like new and works well.

Feels newer than second hand

For many people, a refurbished device, be it a smartphone or a tablet, often feels newer than a second-hand device that you took over from your neighbor or colleague. 
Why? Very simple: because a refurbished device is always completely checked and cleaned. With a second-hand phone, the quality of the battery or how scratch-free a screen is generally not considered before it is sold. That is why a refurbished smartphone feels much newer than a second-hand item.

Refurbished is better for the environment

Last but not least, you give the environment a helping hand if you don’t go for a completely new phone again. Today there are millions of different phone in the world. Think for yourself how many phones you have already had in your life. All these smartphones are made of various parts, including plastic as a commonly used material. When you throw away your old phone and buy a new phone, you contribute – perhaps without being aware of it – to the so-called plastic soup; the mountain of plastic that keeps getting bigger. However, if you choose a refurbished mobile phone, you use a smartphone that has already been used by someone else. If everyone did that, the world would eventually contain less plastic.